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  1. Have you ever heard of the man named Alan Watts? He is the man I chose as my profile picture so take a look. He has lots of interesting points of view many being explaining reality from the point of view of the Eastern Buddhist / Hindu point of view presented to the western christian world. I just wonder if anybody else has heard of him and if not maybe he would be worth the look. If you're into psychology of spirituality or anything similar I'm willing to bet you will enjoy his talks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Watts
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    Okay so I didn't plan to nerd out this hard. But I wanted to share my favorite animated shows that I watch and if you have any suggestions let me know. I prefer Dub over Sub because I like to understand what is being said. My favorite types of anime have a similar plot of being stuck in another world such as a video game you've played for years so most of my list will consist of that. I'll also copy paste the descriptions and links to watch each anime for free on the site that I use - DubbedAnime.net It's a bit of a list. The list really isn't in any order 1. Overlord 2. That time I got reincarnated as a slime 3. Sword Art Online (and Gun Gale Online) 4. Log Horizon 5. How not to summon a demon lord 6. No Game No Life 7. One Piece 8. Steins Gate 9. Death March to a Parallel World Rhapsody
  3. When it comes to gaming I prefer to play MMORPGs, with a decent leveling system an open world and plenty of other players to chat and play with. I also have Smite downloaded and have lots of in game time spent there, It's much like league of legends. But Runescape was always my go to game, although these days it seems to be more full of bots than real people. So recently I started playing a Runescape Private Server. It's a fan made version of the game of Runescape with the same map, cities, items, and monsters. But the XP rate can be changed to avoid the grindy grind on your way to a level 99. If anyone is interested in checking out this RSPS its https://zenyte.com/ My work schedule is strange as well so it's hard to schedule gaming times with other people and I never know when I'll feel like playing
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